Monday, June 02, 2008

West Brook Ferry Part Deux (for real this time)

Finally managed to catch the West Brook Ferry tour this time! It was the very first voyage of 2008 and it was amazing. Ok, to be honest I was in complete bitch mode that morning because of a hangover, extreme guilt and also because I was literally soaked to the bone. Call me retarded, but I didn't anticipate torrential pouring on the first day of June. Being an Alberta girl, I of course had absolutely no rain gear. Clad in a denim jacket, jeans, sou'wester* and garbage bag as a poncho, I did the hike and got on the ferry for the tour.

*Sou'wester be dis tunderin' cap! (Newfie accent required for full affect)

Yes, that's a face, and yes it scares the shit out of me.


Teddy said...

The hills have eyes. *s*