Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some links.

Here are some awesome websites that I usually go to on a daily basis. Some are girly, some are geeky but all of them are interesting reads.

Jezebel is a site that focuses on pop culture, politics, some fashion but mostly it's great articles by some amazing writers with a womens view on all topics.

I was made aware of this site after one of my favorite bloggers, Tracie Egan (formerly known as SlutMachine) began working there over a year ago.

Her site OneDataTime isn't updated that often, but its still a gooder.

I first discovered her site though, through yet another favorite Blogger, Rich of FourFour fame almost 4 years ago.

He has an amazing site, made most popular because of his cat Winston. Rich is great a making video compilations as well as loving/mocking his pop culture idols. He reviews horror movies, trashes the trashiest celebrities and he also does recaps for all my favorite completely guilty pleasure TV shows at his day job on the VH1 website. Here are some of his brilliant videos:

Mariah Carey in all her weird glory

Celine Dion is fucking amazing (My favorite by far)

And finally, Rich and Tracie joined forces to create the drug-infuced green haze advice column Pot Psychology. Also a favorite.

Another site I've been very into for a couple years is The Daily Coyote.

Schreve Stockton writes this site as well as Vespa Vagabond .

More to come!

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Belated Xmas with Mom and Robert

Mom and Robert before the present opening bonanza.

Chris showing the best cookie reaction ever. I love getting and giving homemade food. As a receiver, nothing makes me more happy than knowing someone wants to feed me. As a giver, it brings alot of joy knowing that someone enjoys the treats I made especially for them. Food = comfort = love. Fucked up, but yes it's true.

Me and my mama.

And now,

Some of the mega awesome things I got for christmas:

as seen here:

The amazing Amy Sedaris's book:

Shreve Stockon's Daily Coyote book

Plus an insane amount of kitchen stuff. If anybody had told me last year that I would be cooking 6 times a week, and absolutely loving it no less, I would have laughed in their face then ordered a pizza. Pretty strange how one year can make all the difference. Three cheers for acknowledging that some stereotypical feminine qualities and traits aren't a bad thing!

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