Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All that is big and strange in 'Berta, PT1

Ah, Alberta is weird. There are so many small, rural towns that erected huge and totally odd statues dedicated to... pretty much anything. Below is a list of some of the weirder attractions but I think there's over 30 so I'll have to do some more digging. Any suggestions?

Worlds Largest Pysanka (AKA giant Easter Egg)

Location: Vegreville, Alberta
Size: 7.8 m (25.7 ft) long and 9.5 m (31 ft)

Worlds Largest Dinosaur

Location: Drumheller, Alberta
Size: 15 Feet (4.6 Metres) and 40 Feet (12.2 Metres)

Saamis Teepee

Location: Medicine Hat, Alberta
Size: Height: 215' (65.5 m)

World's Largest Pyrogy

Location: Glendon, Alberta
Size: Height: 27' (8.2), Width: 12' (3.7 m)

Worlds Largest Bee

Location: Falher, Alberta
Size: Length 22'8" (6.9 m) Diameter 7'7" (2.3 m)

Worlds Largest Peace Dove

Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Size: Wingspan: 56' (17 m) Weight: 5 tons

Replica of the Star Trek Enterprise

Location: Vulcan, Alberta
Size: Height: 53' (16 m) Area: 2,930 sq. ft.

Worlds Largest Mushrooms

Location: Vilna, Alberta
Size: Height: 20' (6.1 m)

Worlds Largest Beaver

Location: Beaverlodge, Alberta
Size: Height: 15 Feet

Largest Cowboy Boot

Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Size: 12 Metres


Teddy said...

Oh, and we must not forget the huge sausage in Mundare, Alberta. I have the pleasure of driving by this everytime we head to the lake at Lac Sante to visit family.

Mmm...I'm hungry.


randomvoyeur said...

Awesome..maybe we can join the giant perogie with the huge sausage and have a feast. Mmm giant eats.