Thursday, September 04, 2008

Pic of zee Week - Classy Dame Shreve Stockton addition

Photo from Daily Coyote

Shreve Stockton is a phenomenal woman and I have been fascinated with her websites for over a year now. I first found her via her Vespa Vagabond blog because at the time I was planning on driving across country to setup in Saint John, NB to buy some property and start a new life. Some changes happened in my life that changed my mind but it's still a very real dream.

Shreve is a 30 year old woman who first decided to ride her vespa across country from San Francisco to New York. Along the way she fell in love with Wyoming and after arriving in New York went back to Wyoming for good. There she saved a coyote pup and started the photo blog Daily Coyote. The website became so popular that she was offered a book deal of the same title which will be released soon. Want.