Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Belated Xmas with Mom and Robert

Mom and Robert before the present opening bonanza.

Chris showing the best cookie reaction ever. I love getting and giving homemade food. As a receiver, nothing makes me more happy than knowing someone wants to feed me. As a giver, it brings alot of joy knowing that someone enjoys the treats I made especially for them. Food = comfort = love. Fucked up, but yes it's true.

Me and my mama.

And now,

Some of the mega awesome things I got for christmas:

as seen here:

The amazing Amy Sedaris's book:

Shreve Stockon's Daily Coyote book

Plus an insane amount of kitchen stuff. If anybody had told me last year that I would be cooking 6 times a week, and absolutely loving it no less, I would have laughed in their face then ordered a pizza. Pretty strange how one year can make all the difference. Three cheers for acknowledging that some stereotypical feminine qualities and traits aren't a bad thing!