Sunday, May 25, 2008

Classy Dame

This be Leslie:

(Ok that's a pic of her cat, Inspector Muddog, just in case she wasn't cool with her face being on the "Information Superhighway")

This dame is so classy, let me just break it down for you:

First off, she hasn't seen me in almost four years, since Canada World Youth in Africa. Not only is she still the warmest, sweetest person I know, but she actually managed to get even more beautiful. She met me at the bus station and drove me to her house in a smallish town outside outside of Peterborough. She greeted me with beers, and burgers with cheese and bacon. As we all should know, this is what the Michelle Beast craves.

I met her man and we hung out at their lovely house and spent the night watching movies and eating, two of my favorite pastimes.

When they dropped me off at the train station in Coburg, ON the next day I discovered yet again just how awesome Leslie is; she made me an amazing travel pack. Various sandwiches, a brick of cheese and trashy magazines (among many, many other things) for my 27 hour train ride. How sad that the people I'm closest to live so far away. (This means you lady)