Sunday, May 18, 2008

Deadbeat Inspiration

A couple weeks ago I was laid off from my job, since then I've gained like 8 pounds due to baking to keep myself busy. Within 8 days I not only made from scratch, but completely consumed the following:

- Homemade White bread (x4 cuz I'm a pig)

- Two batches of these bad boys

- A Lemon Meringue Pie I made for a hottie.

(Turned out kind of eggy and nasty but whatever, I still ate it. Sigh, I always do)

Mmm Monte Cristo.

This sandwich is so embarrassing and gluttonous that I came thisclose to not admitting that I not only made it, but then promptly devoured it. Deep fried and battered cheese sandwich? Yessum.

Now I'm heavy with child. And by heavy I mean fat, and by child I mean my lil carb-fueled food fetus. I'd like to think it looks like this:

Needless to say I'll be doing some hiking on my trip.


Tyler John said...

I think I could be the father of that baby... its meat patty looks just like mine... I should make you some Zopf! Or we should make some when you get here! For the drive. We will also hike lots! Cant wait.

randomvoyeur said...

Q: did we hike?

A: Yes!

Q: did we eat?

A: I disgusting amount sir? Oh yes we did! And drink...sweet jesus how we drank.